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Scientific Program

Five Satellite Symposia  – Saturday 8:30am – 3:20pm (details)

Keynote Address – Saturday at 5:30

Rhinoviruses and You

Dr. Ann C. Palmenberg

University of Wisconsin-Madison (www)

Symposium I Viruses and Cells – Sunday morning

Kyung H. Choi – University of Texas Medical Branch (www)
Elizabeth Fortunato – University of Idaho (www)
Joanna Parish – University of Birmingham, UK (www)
Bert Semler – University of California – Irvine (www)
ASV Ann Palmenberg Junior Investigators – to be announced

Symposium II
Viral Ecology and Climate Change – Monday morning

Alison Buchan – University of Tennessee – Knoxville (www)
John Carr – University of Cambridge, UK  (www)
A. Desiree LaBeaud – Stanford University (www)
Arvind Varsani – Arizona State University (www)
ASV Business Meeting

Symposium III
 – Global Impacts of Viruses on One Health – Tuesday morning

Bryce Falk – University of California, Davis (www)
Edward Okoth – International Livestock Research Institute, Kenya (www)
Nahoko Shindo – World Health Organization (www)
David Wentworth – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (www)
Emmie de Wit – Rocky Mountain Laboratories, NIH (www)

Symposium IV
Viral Pathogenesis and Immunity – Wednesday morning

Kathryn Holmes – Univ. of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus (www)
Thomas Morrison – Univ. of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus (www)
Moriah Szpara – Pennsylvania State University (www)
Benjamin tenOever – Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (www)
Susan VandeWoude – Colorado State University (www)

Conference ends at noon on Wednesday, June 17.

State of the Art Speakers –  Lectures will be presented during various afternoon and evening workshops

David Bhella
– University of Glasgow (www)
Breaking the Shackles of Symmetry in Structural Studies of Icosahedral Viruses

Gaelen Burke – University of Georgia (www)
Viruses and Endogenous Viral Elements in Parasitoid Wasps

Nicholas Heaton – Duke University (www)
Negative Regulation of the Interferon Response as a Controller of Influenza Disease Severity

Joseph Hyser – Baylor College of Medicine (www)
Lightning Storms of Calcium Signaling during Virus Infection

Donna Neumann – University of Wisconsin-Madison (www)
Chromatin Loops and Transcriptional Control of HSV-1

Cara Pager – University at Albany – SUNY (www)
RNA Modification: Expanding the Repertoire of Viral RNAs

The 2020 ASV meeting will begin Saturday, June 13th with the Welcome Reception at 3:30 pm that will be followed by the Keynote address at 5:30 pm and the first group of simultaneous workshop sessions. The Plenary Symposia will take place on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings and State-of-the-Art Lectures will be presented during various workshops during the afternoons and evenings.

Workshops will take place in the afternoons and after dinner, and the two poster sessions will be held on Sunday and Monday evenings in conjunction with the social hour.  Also included are several Special Events and Workshops to complete the program, including five satellite symposia that take place on Saturday before the official start of the conference.

Electronic Program and Abstracts: The detailed ASV Scientific Program & Abstracts will be distributed electronically via an app and via web based access. Updates and corrections will occur until June 6th, ensuring an up to date program is always available to participants. Access to the electronic Scientific Program & Abstracts will be provided to all ASV members and to registered non-members at least one month before the meeting.

The ASV2020 Program Chair is Stephanie Karst. Tel: 734-764-9686; email

Information presented at the ASV annual meeting or contained in the Scientific Program & Abstract Book should NOT be cited as a publication. This material can be cited as a personal communication only after obtaining consent of the senior author.