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Poster and Talk Information

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Poster Sessions: Authors of poster abstracts will be assigned a space to display their posters. The maximum outside dimension of each poster, including the title, must not exceed 4 ft x 4 ft (120 cm x 120 cm). Information presented on posters should be readable at a distance of 3 ft. Poster board fasteners will be provided at the meeting. Authors must be present at their posters during the specified time for their poster session (8 – 10:30 pm).

Oral presentations will be limited to 12 minutes with an additional 3 minutes for discussion. Presentations will be displayed using Windows PowerPoint Office365 and and should be prepared on Windows or Mac platforms using standard system fonts and embedded movie files if applicable. Please note that speakers will see the same version of PowerPoint on their monitor as on the screen; there is no capacity to view PowerPoint notes during the presentation.

Presenters will be required to report to the Speaker-Ready Room a minimum of 3 hours prior to the start of their session with their PowerPoint presentation saved on a USB Flash Drive or downloadable from the internet. At that time, speakers MUST preview their presentations which will be downloaded onto the workshop PC. Use of personal laptops for workshop presentations will NOT be allowed.

Questions regarding audio-visual arrangements should be directed to

Information presented at the ASV annual meeting or contained in the Scientific Program & Abstract Book should NOT be cited as a publication. This material can be cited as a personal communication only after obtaining consent from the senior author.